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Non-Prog CD Reviews


More than Animals

Review by Gary Hill

I like this album a lot. Parts of it land pretty close to modern progressive rock like Radiohead. All of it fits pretty closely under the “alternative rock” heading. This is a disc that flows well and never seems redundant or tired. It has enough range to keep it interesting while it also has enough consistency to keep it from feeling disconnected. This is good stuff.

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Track by Track Review
Sweet Release

Alternative rock and Celtic music are both influences here. For my money, though, the major sound is closer to modern prog of groups like Radiohead and Porcupine Tree. The vocals bring more of a modern pop rock sound, though. Whatever you call it, this is a cool tune and a great way to start the set.

The Score
A harder rocking tune, there is some ska and punk in the mix on this thing. It almost feels like a techno or industrial piece in some ways, but yet there is still a bit of a proggy edge here.
Defiantly Loved
That Celtic element is present here again. Overall this is more of a straightahead rocker, but it still shows off some of that Radiohead type sound.
We Belonged
More of a purely melodic tune, this has that Celtic meets modern pop sound pretty firmly entrenched, but there are other elements at play, too. It’s classic sounding and yet modern at the same time. This is good stuff and more variety for the set.
Devil on My Back
This is very cool. It has multiple layers of sound, but musical and vocal. It’s dark and rather heavy, but also quite proggy and quirky. This is dramatic, a bit strange and exceptionally catchy and effective. It’s definitely one of my favorites here.
House of Mirrors
A harder rocking tune, this reminds me a bit of The Cure but with more of a modern alternative rock vibe on the vocal arrangement. It’s got some great driving music and the vocal hooks are catchy.
Radiohead along with more alternative rock and other sounds is the order of business here. It’s definitely tied to a lot of the modern pop rock out there. It’s also another extremely accessible and effective tune.
Let It Go
I can make out some Beatles influences on this melodic tune. A bit mellower than some of the others here this also has plenty of Radiohead in the mix. Muse and Oasis are both valid reference points.
There is much more of that Celtic vibe here and the song is mellower. It does get more anthemic later. It’s got plenty of that modern alternative rock meets pop and prog sound to it, too.
Cock of the Walk
This bouncy tune is a lot of fun. It’s in keeping with the rest of the album, but somehow it’s pretty unusual and unique. All in all, this is one of the best pieces here.
Very slow and very mellow, this is a lot like Porcupine Tree to me. It’s a good tune and a nice bit of variety.
Round Here
This seemingly comes out of never. In other words, it’s completely unexpected. It starts with a down-home blues jam. That holds the cut for quite a while. Then it powers out to something a bit like techno meets stoner metal. This a hard rocking tune that’s unusual, theatrical and very cool.
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