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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Gary Windo


Review by Gary Hill

This is one of three Gary Windo albums I’ve reviewed in this issue of Music Street Journal. It’s by far the strangest and the one that least fits under progressive rock. I’ve mostly just included it there because that’s where the other two are. That said, there are proggy moments here. This is a compilation of works with various acts with one theme – there is some kind dog reference in each of these. This is jazz rock, mostly, but it actually works outside of that realm at times, too.

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Track by Track Review
Puppy Kisses - Gary and The K9's

Psychedelic rock and jazz and more merge on this rather strange, but quite tasty jam. The exploratory instrumental work later is quite freeform.

Feela Dog - Pam and Gary Windo Band 1982
Starting with a rather soulful jam, this works out to more exploratory space rock meets jazz.
Guard Duty - Gary and NRBQ
There is a lot more of an old time rock and roll vibe here. It’s a fun little number with some cool jamming. I really love the piano on this thing.
Rex and Spot Meet the International B***hes - Pam and Gary Windo Band 1982
This feels like something Gong might do to me. It’s got vocals and weird freeform percussion dominated arrangement. The lyrics do get a minor parental advisory. There are definitely some space rock elements in this, too.
Hound - Gary and the Woofs
As this opens it has an almost big band feel to it. Jazz, psychedelia and more collide here. It grows out into a more rocking jam that makes me think of Hawkwind at times. A Three Stooges clip ends this.
Dogface - Gary and the Wet Dogs
Freeform weirdness with something like chanting is the concept here. This is definitely strange.
The Husky - Gary and the K9's
Another strange tune, there is some old time rock and roll, some punk, some jazz and some Hawkwind in the mix on this.
Don't Be Cruel - Gary and the Woofs
I really love this jazz rock treatment of the classic song. It’s arguably the best number here, even if it’s not all that proggy. They throw some “Johnny B. Goode” into the mix.
Baxter - Gary and NRBQ
They bring us into more of a pure jazz arrangement on this number. It’s got a smooth groove and works quite well.
That's All - Gary and NRBQ
This is an old time rock and roll number. It’s one of only a few tracks here to feature vocals. This is good fun. The jazzy jam that ensues is very cool, too.
Lassie Breaks Out - Gary and the Chows
Freeform jazzy weirdness holds this thing in a very Rock In Opposition like manner for the first couple minutes. Then it coalesces into a more mainstream jazz rock jam from there to take it out.


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