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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Mike Delledera Band


Review by Gary Hill

Jam band would be one way to describe this band. That conjures up images of the Grateful Dead, though and that’s only so accurate. Perhaps these guys come closer to Phish in terms of the wide range of musical concepts represented by their sound. They even throw some hip hop into the mix. Whatever you call it, though, this is great stuff.

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Track by Track Review
Silver Ruby Diamond Blues

While this has a lot of bluegrass and country music in the mix, that’s not the whole picture. In a lot of ways this makes me think of the Grateful Dead. Of course, the Dead always had healthy helpings of such roots music in the mix, too. The slide guitar is a great touch.

Sugar Face
Although this is also rooted in retro music, the sounds here are more like funky retro pop music. There are also hints of things like bubble gum built into this. Still, that Grateful Dead kind of jam band sensibility is all over this, too.
Gypsy Soul
There is more of a modern alternative rock vibe to this, mixed with the jam band concept. The overall result is something that’s probably closer to Phish than it is the Dead. Still, it’s basically the same fan base, right?
This is well titled because it is a bouncy tune. It’s a fun one that’s quite reggae based.
A mellower number, this leans toward progressive rock. There are symphonic strings in the mix and it’s essentially a ballad.
Main Street USA
I think this might be the best song of the whole disc. It’s got a lot of funk in the mix. To me it seems a bit like a cross between Steely Dan, The Grateful Dead and Booker T. and the MGs. The only thing is, it also has some hip hop in the mix through a rap about modern issues in America. The guitar solo here is very tasteful and tasty. From there we’re taken into one of the coolest jams of the whole disc. It really turns to fusion during this extended instrumental movement. Eventually we are brought back out into the song proper. There is an acapella section (with just some clapping as accompaniment) at the end.
Can't Stop Rockin'
This one definitely has a lot of that funk. It’s more like a jam band version of Steely Dan. There is a lot of jazz in the mix. It’s also another standout tune. The vocal hook is quite catchy and the whole tune is just really classy.
Broken Angel
The female vocals on this add a lot to the mix. The whole piece has a great classic rock meets jazzy, soulful tunes sound to it. It’s a great tune on a disc full of great tunes. The guitar solo section is particularly noteworthy.
The Music Echoes On
Roots rock, bluegrass, folk and more meet on this killer cut. It’s a great to end the disc in similar fashion to the way it started.
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