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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Furious Jones

Bread and Circuses

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an unusual set. Alternative rock blends with pop and more to create a sound that’s fairly diverse and yet still cohesive. At times the formula seems to get a little thin, but mostly this is just great alternative rock. I think it’s best when it’s funky, but there are variants to that rule.

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Track by Track Review

Funk, alternative rock and more blend on this energetic rocker. This is unusual and yet catchy. It’s modern and still has hints of retro sounds. It’s just a great piece of music.

Bread & Circuses
As cool as the opener was, this really increases the stakes. It’s heavier and the rubbery element that drives it makes me think of Korn or Tool. That said, though, this has a lot of the same funky alternative rock vibe we heard on the opener. The combination of sounds is not only unique, but also awesome.
Let Me Down
On the one hand there is almost a roots rock or country influence to this. Beyond that, though, it makes me think of Jane’s Addiction quite a bit. Again, the mix of sounds is unusual and the number really rocks.
In a Corner
There is a lot more a bluesy roots rock element here. While the alternative rock isn’t gone completely, this is the most mainstream piece so far. It’s still quite strong, though.
Lovin' Hold
The funk is king on this piece. It’s another that somehow makes me think of Jane’s Addiction a bit. Still, the modern alternative rock element brings it in different directions, too.
Do It Wrong
Early on the clapping and shouted vocals makes me think of some of the music that’s been played on the radio a lot lately. Beyond that, they take us into another high energy rocker with alternative and funk laced all over it.
Get It Together
One of the most mainstream songs here, this makes me think of bands like Fun. In fact, it’s so much like those kinds of groups that I can’t imagine that if this had a chance it wouldn’t be a huge hit on the radio now.
What It Takes
Jane’s Addiction meets modern alternative rock on this energized piece. It’s a good one, but a bit too much like the bulk of the stuff here to really stand out.
Cookoo Song
This is mostly percussive. The vocals really care it, along with the driving beat. That said, the bass line is a little like Primus. It’s enough of a change to bring some interest back and the piece works pretty well.


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