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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Devine Xperience

The Devine Xperience

Review by Gary Hill

Is this progressive rock? Well, it’s sure not rock. But, if something like Kraftwerk fits under progressive rock, then so does this. Of course, this doesn’t sound like Kraftwerk. There are more soulful and dance elements in this music. It’s also a bit more space oriented at times. This is good stuff, but does tend to suffer a bit from a monolithic nature as the set runs from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
In a Dream

There’s a noisy science fiction element to this. There aren’t a lot of vocals, but what vocals are here bring more of a hip hop feeling. Some of the music that works across this mix, though, is closer to a space rock meets Kraftwerk kind of vibe. 

Completely In a Trance
I really love some of the space music aspects of this. The cut does have an electronic dance music vibe in place, too, though. I really love the female spoken vocal sound loop on this and a lot of the melodies.
Strange Mutation
There is very much an art rock, musical theater vibe to this. Sure, it’s still set in the same kind of electronic music motif, but this has a lot more theatrical edge to it.
Your Mind
The music on this brings a real otherworldly, spacey kind of element to the proceedings. The sampled vocals, though, land closer to an R&B kind of sound. The combination is great.
Alien Love Truth
With some sung vocals this is much more of a “song” kind of piece than anything to this point. It’s also one of my favorites here. The electronic music combines with more of a mainstream rock sound to create something really special.
Alien Dust
More stripped back pure electronic music, parts of this even make me think of whale song a bit. This is a weird one. It’s also quite cool.
The Answer
Electronic music and space rock are merged on this intriguing piece. It has some cool vocal samples.
Touch the Sky
This one is a lot more along the lines of house music. In fact, one of the vocal loops says just that. It’s got some interesting elements, though and works pretty well. It’s definitely not my favorite, though.
In a Dream (Decoding Jesus vs. The Duke and The Kaiser Radio Remix)
The first of three remixes, this is rhythmic and a little odd.
Completely In a Trance (DJ D-Xtreme Radio Remix)
This remix version of the earlier cut lands closer to a dance music vibe.
The Answer (Jackal and Hyde Radio Remix)
Another remix closes the disc. This has some cool middle Eastern sounds on it. The music has a lot of electronic vibe. There is a dance element here, but this also is very intense at times. I might like this better than I do the original version of the piece. 
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