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Aubergine MACHINE

Call It Fate or Call It Karma (Digital Single)

Review by Gary Hill

This is a cover of a song by The Strokes. I hadn’t heard the original before, so I had to check that out before giving this a spin. I prefer this version to that original. The minimalistic approach originally used was a bit too much for the length of the track, as far as I’m concerned.

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Track by Track Review
Call It Fate or Call It Karma
This one’s not without its issues, though. The mellower sections on this make way too much use of autotune. Having heard another song from this duo, I’m sure it’s for effect, rather than any kind of pitch correction. The only thing is, that effect has more than run its course and feels overused and dated. I never liked it, but I like it less now. Still, the more energized and layered sound here works quite well on this. It’s lush a lot of the time and it has some great moments.

(Editor's Note - Music Street Journal is set up for the allocation of albums, not singles - particularly not one-song singles. So, in the instances, like this one, where we've covered single song releases, we've had to make some adaptations for formatting. In the case of this one, just imagine both track review and overall review reading as one set of copy. )

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