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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Hedersleben 2: Die Neuen Welten

Review by Gary Hill

This band is pretty fascinating. They play a type of progressive rock that’s laced with psychedelia and space rock. Recently they’ve toured with Nik Turner. That relationship isn’t the typical opening band/headliner one, though. Sure, they were the opening act, but they were also his backup band. These guys have created an awesome album here that never seems to repeat itself or get old.

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Track by Track Review
Zu Den Neuen Welten

The start this set with an epic that is over seventeen and a half minutes long. It comes in with a definite space music vibe and gradually works out like that. This instrumental is very much a space music kind of piece, with a lot of psychedelia in the mix. At different times different acts seem to be heard in one way or another. Frequent visitors are early Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, but things like the Doors and Iron Butterfly are also valid reference points. This rocks at times and is mellower at others. It seems organic in its evolution, but it makes a lot of changes as it works along. It’s a real powerhouse trip out song. There’s a cool little piano excursion that lands in a space jazz territory late in the track.

(On the Ground) Safe n Sound
There is a lot more of a straight hard rocking energy to this tune. It sure has some space jamming in the mix, but overall this is less of a freeform type number. In some ways it has more of a fusion kind of element at play sometimes.
Nomad World
With some non-lyrical vocals and a great soaring melodic guitar early, this is more mainstream progressive rock. It’s perhaps closer to Tangerine Dream. It’s quite a tasty number that’s infectious in terms of the melody lines. Soaring female vocals later have an ethereal quality and add a lot to the piece.
A bit more of a slow moving, dreamy space number, this one works pretty well. It’s different from the rest and satisfying.
Tiny Flowers/Little Moon
This is much more of an actual song. It feels like a folk prog turned towards psychedelic number. It’s a classy one with some great musical moments. The second half of this is a killer instrumental movement that’s led by the piano.
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