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Non-Prog CD Reviews


The Warming House

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an intriguing (if a bit uneven) disc. To me this works best when it wanders through musical territory along the lines of folk and jazzy sounds. When it doesn’t work as well is when it tries to turn more towards pure rock. Still, it’s a fun set.

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Track by Track Review
Is It Annoying

With some Spanish elements and modern sounds, this has a really great jazz groove. I love this tune. It’s a powerhouse with a great horn section and some strong vocal hooks and messages.

Not You’re Whipping Woman
Although the lyrics are pretty dark on this, the song has a really fun sort of bouncing vibe to it. It’s a high energy tune that works really well. There is a lot of folk, country and more in the mix here.
Don't Look
In terms of influences, this seems to land somewhere between the first two songs. If possible, though, I like this one even more than either of those. It’s got a real rocking energy and some extremely catchy hooks. It’s a powerful number.
Come Into the Light
We get a mellow folk type song here. The vocals really steal the show on this one, but the violin adds a lot to the mix, too.
Loshon Hara Barbie
This is completely different. It’s very much like a punk rocker. It makes me think of early Blondie a bit. The thing is, it doesn’t work as well as some of the other stuff does.
Now, this is more like it. A catchy tune, this combines folk and jazz in an uptempo arrangement. At times the music on this makes me think of Black 47, but the vocals bring it in a totally different direction.
The Warming House
Pop, rock and jazz all combine here. The title track kind of deserves that slot because it’s one of the best here. Considering some of the competition, that says a lot.
Watch the World Burn
This works best in the sections that are closest to jazz. The problem areas are the more stripped back rock and roll based segments that just don’t gel well. Still, the good definitely outweighs the bad.
The Tree
Closer to the folk rock end of the spectrum, this song is slower and more sedate. Still, it manages to entrance and entertain. It also rocks out a little.
The Ballad of Sadie Farrell
This one is very much a traditional folk type number. It tells a historical tale of a female scoundrel. It’s a fun song.
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