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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Smiling Cult

Review by Gary Hill

I’ve included this in the metal section of Music Street Journal, but it’s not old school metal by any means. This is related to the kind of sounds Tool create. That said, there are other things here ranging from Dream Theater to King Crimson and even Stone Temple Pilots. Whatever you label this, though, it’s quite good.

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Track by Track Review

This makes me think of a heavier version of Tool. It rocks out like crazy and has some great textures. It’s technical, but yet somehow it grooves.

Heavy and quirky, this one almost makes me think of sort of a merging of Tool and Dream Theater in some ways. It’s a real powerhouse.
Civil Obedience
This is much more a pure metal piece. It’s modern metal, though. It’s a real screamer and works extremely well.
Sound bites open this and the cut pounds out like crazy from there. There are elements of modern King Crimson built into this thing. The vocals bring it more into pure metal, but this is a very meaty cut with a lot prog and doom metal both built into it.
This has some intriguing shifts and changes as it works out the song proper. It’s very heavy, but perhaps more alternative rock than metal. Whatever you call it, though, this rocks.
Imagine a more metal version of Stone Temple Pilots. It’s likely that it would sound a lot like this, really.
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