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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Hole in My Sock

Review by Gary Hill

Although this is all pop music, and mostly modern, it’s tough to lay a more specific descriptive net on it. There are a lot of retro textures. Additionally, it has a pretty wide range within that general concept. It’s all quite good, however you label it.

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Track by Track Review
Run with Me (feat. Adam Noble-Marks)

Although this is quite modern in texture, there is a great, retro, classic soul vibe to it. It’s great stuff. I love the bass line on the later parts of this and the vocals that come over the top are great, too. There is even a bit of a Prince element going on here.

Alien Rooster
More pure electronic music, this is still quality material. The beat is a bit busy, but the vocal lines are exceptional.
A Carver's Love Song
Acoustic guitar lends a bit of an alternative rock vibe to this. At times that shifts towards progressive rock, even. Overall, it’s still got some of that electronic element, though, seeming to be reflected in an almost dream pop kind of sound.
Tear Fall
This seems to combine all the sounds we’ve heard so far. That Prince element is back, but merged with electronic and alternative rock music. I love the vocal arrangement on this. The cut does get a parental advisory.
Mountains of Glory
This is an electronic tune. The only thing is, the autotune effects on it, make it almost unlistenable. If you can get past those sections, though, there is some meat on the bones with the non-processed segments. This also gets a bit of a parental advisory. Personally, I’d put this song in the “don’t bother” column because of that processing on the vocals. It really turns what could have been a good song into a waste of time. .
Only to Kill
Jazz and more merge on this great cut. It’s moody and soulful. It’s actually one of the best songs here. That makes it both a great closer and an excellent form of redemption from the last one.
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