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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Plastic Handgun

Involuntary Memories

Review by Gary Hill

There is quite a mix of sounds here. From modern progressive rock to psychedelia, classic prog and even 80s music, this is diverse stuff. It’s also compelling. It’s not your father’s prog rock, but I can’t see landing it anywhere else. If you have a musical heart that’s built for adventure, give these guys a try. You are likely to enjoy it.

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Track by Track Review

The rich and intricate tapestry that starts this actually makes me think of early Genesis quite a bit. From there it grows out into an echoey, trippy kind of mesh of psychedelia, modern progressive rock and alternative. This is a wonderful piece of music and a great opener. There are quite a few shifts and changes in the piece, yet it all fits together well.

Eustachian Tube
This is a trippy, psychedelic noise fest. It’s quite dense, and like space music in a lot of ways.
Three Wolf Procession
I love the bass progression that opens this. The song grows out from there in a dreamy, psychedelic rock way.
This one has vocals. It’s also got another great bass line. The whole piece just weaves a great sonic tapestry. It has elements of 80s music, along with modern progressive rock and psychedelia. It’s another dreamy kind of piece that’s tastefully trippy.
Grave Spinning II

Noisy and yet melodic, this one also combines progressive rock with psychedelia quite nicely.

The Double Life
This is a bit more of a straightforward rock jam. Still, it’s loaded with psychedelia and neo-prog sound. It’s just not one of my favorites here.
Capillary Vessel
Another good tune, this is just a bit too much like the rest. The formula is starting to wear thin.
Selective Living
Although suffering a bit from the monolithic nature of the set, this one does manage to stand out a bit in part because of the melodies.
The Dust You Kick Up Is Too Fine
This one has vocals, bringing some variety to the table. Those vocals are very echoey, though. It’s quite a trippy bit of psychedelia really. It’s a short tune, though.
Mirror Stage

The closer also has vocals and is one of the better tunes here. It does still ring a bit too much like the rest, though.

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