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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Anne Steele

What’s Mine

Review by Gary Hill

The easiest description here is “pop music.” That covers pretty much everything here, but some of this is stronger than others. Also, it ranges from more rocking music to things closer to Celine Dion. For the most part this avoids the overproduced, trite territory a lot of pop music lands within, but it does get there a little bit at points. Still, this is effective.

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Track by Track Review
What’s Mine

Bouncy and fun, this little pop rocker is extremely catchy. It has both a modern and classic sound to it. It largely avoids the pitfalls of over-production that mar a lot of modern music.

Worst I Ever Had
Earning a parental advisory on the lyrics, there is a bit of a punk edge to this number. It’s still comfortable in the territory of modern pop rock, but the emphasis is placed more on the rock end of the spectrum.
Although this is catchy and energetic, it’s a bit too generic. It’s still fun, but it leans toward overproduced and trite.
Without You Tonight
There is more of a soul vibe to this number. It’s another that is a little overproduced, but the song is strong enough to survive that pretty well.
Shadow of You
More of a female vocal star (think Celine Dion or Whitney Houston) type of song, this is a nice change. At times, it feels just a little awkward, though.
Don’t Tell Us How To Love
This is sort of in the same vicinity as the last number, but gets a bit more rock in the mix. It’s actually one of the strongest pieces here, making it a great choice for closer.
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