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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Bitter’s Kiss

Bitter’s Kiss

Review by Gary Hill

There is folk and alternative along with shoegaze and more here. The main problem on this set is that there isn’t nearly enough difference in tempo, dynamic range or vocal delivery to support it for the duration. That means that while all the songs are fairly strong taken one by one, it all tends to feel the same rather quickly. I suppose in an era where people often only listen to one or two songs by a group in a playlist, that’s not a negative at all. If you are more the album type of person, though, you might find this monolithic.

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Track by Track Review
Bitter's Kiss

Moody and dreamy, this is a pretty song. It’s a bit understated with sort of folk meets alternative vibe.

Waste of It All
Not as mellow, there is some jazz and more in the mix here. I like this cut quite a bit. I really like the melodic electric guitar. This one lands quite near modern prog or shoegaze.
Love Won't Make You Cry

Mellower and quite pretty, this is closer to kind of a mainstream pop song. It’s one of my favorites here.

No One Will
Another fairly mellow one, this still has energy. There isn’t a lot of change from song to song by this point, but every piece has its charms.
The Rope

Slow moving and mellow, this is also solid alternative pop music. It’s a good song, but not all that different from the bulk of the rest.

Lovin' Life

Now, this is a lot different. It comes in with an electronic sound. The tune is bouncy and has a lot in common with club dance music.

Already Gone
We’re back into more familiar territory here. The vocal line is solid, but the monolithic nature of the sound and tempo is starting to make everything sound the same.
Too Far Too Fast

Mellow and slow moving, this is a little lackluster for a closing tune. It’s not bad, but not really a standout by any means.

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