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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Radio Silence

Review by Gary Hill

The sound here definitely lands in the modern progressive style. Still, there are elements of things like Pink Floyd along with metal and even something a bit like Guns ‘N Roses. It’s a unique blend. It also works quite well. Prog purists will probably want to steer clear, but for the rest of us, it’s strong.

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Track by Track Review
Stolen Wings

Starting with rather noisy atmosphere, this works out to a modern progressive rock sound. It’s moody and seems to combine things like Porcupine Tree with Pink Floyd and even Tool. The vocal performance on this is exceptional. The whole cut just works really well. It builds in organic ways. The instrumental section leading to the mellow movement is incredibly powerful and inspired. That mellow segment gives way to a killer melodic guitar solo.

In some ways this isn’t a big change. Still, I really love some of the bass work on this one. There’s a cool moody almost spoken vocal section that’s a nice touch.  The guitar soloing gets quite intense and a little King Crimson like at times.
Seeker's Prayer
Fairly ambient, textural sound holds this for the first three minutes or so. Then it gets some great acoustic guitar added to the mix. It turns out from there to some AOR-like modern progressive rock. The vocal performance on this one is another exceptional one. It gets powered up later to some seriously hard rocking music. It leans towards heavy metal during that scorching section. The cut continues to evolve and eventually the acoustic guitar returns for a short reprise. Then they power out in a scorching metallic prog jam from there.
The Last Orbit
Space rock modern prog and more merge on this great song. It has a lot of energy and a pretty steadily changing song structure. There are definitely Floydian moments, especially some of the guitar soloing. I love the balance between mellower and hard rocking stuff. There are even sections that lean toward nu-metal.
Dead Reckoning
There is a great mix of modern prog and nu-metal on this. Much of the vocal work definitely feels like modern metal bands. The cut has energy and yet also progressive rock and mellower moments. It’s another killer cut on a disc that’s full of them.
Daylight (Silent Key)
Big chunks of this cut make me think of something RPWL might do. That said, there are hard rocking moments that even feel a bit like Guns N’ Roses. I love the mean guitar sound. A noise driven section later heralds in piano and classical strings to take it through a slow, sedate portion. Still, that noise element circles overhead, lending another angle to an almost classical movement. That segment closes the album in style.
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