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Progressive Rock CD Reviews



Review by Gary Hill

This might not be a tight fit into progressive rock. I’d say it’s quite closely related to Kraut rock, though. That qualifies it as prog. Whatever you call this, though, the set is compelling. It ranges from things like Kraftwerk to Roxy Music and a lot more. It’s an entertaining disc start to finish. There’s enough variety to keep it from feeling “samey,” too.

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Track by Track Review
A Scene Like That

This is incredibly cool. It has a bit of a dance groove to it. Overall, though, it makes me think of a more human Kraftwerk. It gets some funk in the mix at times, too. When it rocks out later, it wanders toward space rock. There are some rather fusion like bits later, too.

Be Here and Now
Here’s another great tune. This one seems more like Roxy Music to me. That is, with more of an electronic edge. However you slice it, though, this is entertaining.
Latency Head

I love the groove on this. It’s almost more purely proggy in some ways. I suppose the usual suspects are present, but this is quite a different beast. The multiple layers of vocals work really well.

Don't Stop the Music
With healthy helpings of both dance music and hip hop, this is proggy nonetheless. It’s a great piece of music, if not the most prog oriented thing here. There’s sort of a real classic vibe to this in some ways. There are some Kraftwerk like moments later.
Pick Up the Slack
There’s lots of energy and groove here. Somehow it reminds me just a bit of DEVO in some ways. There is definitely plenty of funk to go around here, too.
Talk to Me
Although this isn’t a big change, it’s somehow proggier than some of the rest of the music here. I love the bass work on this piece. It also has some dramatic textures and atmospheres.
I Need a Friend
This is a cool rocker. I love the guitar on the piece. It’s a bit moody. It’s also very much progressive rock.
Cut from the Cloth
Although there are plenty of prog things here, I can also make out music as diverse as Hall and Oates and Steely Dan. Some of the later sections, though, even make me think of Spock’s Beard quite a bit.
This isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s not really lacking either. It just doesn’t quite grab me.
One Track Mind
With some inspired guitar work, this is a real powerhouse. It’s one of the most dynamic cuts on show here. It’s also quite strong. It’s energetic and just plain effective.


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