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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Moon & Pollution

The Box Borealis

Review by Gary Hill

I don’t know if this is progressive rock. I do know that it’s progressive music. It’s often electronic, but the vocals generally root it with a more earthy quality. It’s artistic, but it also rocks. The vocals often beg comparisons to Tori Amos or Kate Bush, but that doesn’t serve to limit it. Whatever you call it, though, give it a chance. It’s strong.

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Track by Track Review
The Box Borealis

The title track starts the disc. It has an electronic sound that’s ethereal and rather trippy. Yet, it also has a fairly busy percussive presence. The vocals float over the top in some sort of atmospheric dance.

Moving Scene
A piece of audio artwork, this is stark, but also beautiful. The vocals are less abstract than they were on the opening number.
Moon and Pollution
More energized, this is very much a more rocking sound. That said, it gets quite mellow mid-track. It is also electronic. I’m reminded of things like Tori Amos and Kate Bush. Some of the vocals are quite soulful.
The Magnetic North
The opening section of this has a real space rock sound. From there this grows to something closer to the Radiohead field of modern prog. It dissolves back toward space at the end.
Darkroom Double
More of an energized piece, this is like a cross between electronic music, space and modern prog.
Solace Sandwich
Definitely more of a mainstream rocker, this is good stuff.
I Know
While this also rocks more, it’s got plenty of the spacey electronic atmospherics, too.
I Didn't Look
With a lot of backwards tracked sound, this is like electronic psychedelia.
Alter Eagle
Jazz, electronic and modern prog all seem to merge on this killer cut. It’s one of the best here. There is a drop back to mellower stuff, but this is one of the most energized songs on offer.
The Lonely Quiet
The closer is dramatic and powerful. It has a great mix of atmospherics with more rocking material.
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