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Other Desert Cities

The History of What’s To Come

Review by Gary Hill

The easiest description for this four track set would be “pop rock.” Still, there is a decent range here at times. That goes from dreamy sounds, to alternative rock, King’s X styled stuff and more. The only real problem is that there is a tendency here and there for over-processing on the vocals. Beyond that, this is strong stuff.

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Track by Track Review
Get Some Sleep

Starting with a rather classic rock sound, this works out from there into a dreamy, trippy modern texture. It has some hints of Beatles-like pop rock. This is almost modern prog in some ways, though.

Here Again
The rhythm section on this makes me think of King’s X for some reason. Beyond that, this is very much a modern alternative rock styled song. It’s cool, but has some moments that don’t work as well as the rest to me. Still, it’s a catchy song. I will say that the spoken bits of stuff at the end do earn a parental advisory.
I Carry Your Heart
Another that’s rather dreamy and trippy, there is some annoying processing on the vocals here. The song itself is good. I just wish they’d run the vocals a bit more natural. That processing makes this a song that I skip. If you aren’t equally bothered by that kind of thing, your mileage may vary.
I Am Alive
This song is based on some pretty acoustic guitar. I can make out some hints of that over-processing on the vocals, but it’s not to the point of annoyance as it was on the previous piece. I like this one a lot. It’s a bit minimalist, but it’s also mellow and quite effective.
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