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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Backestro Park

Review by Gary Hill

Space rock, new age, Kraftwerk like electronic music and more merge on this set. This thing is really quite diverse, while still remaining cohesive and consistent. It’s very much more modern prog than the old school stuff, but there are things that hint at Pink Floyd in places.

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Track by Track Review
All Thanks to Paul

This is like a new age, ambient take on a combination of Kraftwerk and Laurie Anderson. It’s a bit strange, but also restful and quite pretty at the same time. There’s a guitar based section later in the track that’s more organic.

Homeward by Flagella
Although there is still an electronic edge here, this is much more of a mellow progressive rock type piece. It’s is a lot more natural. It reminds me in some ways of Pink Floyd, but there are still bits of Kraftwerk in the mix, too. It has some synthesized voices, but is essentially an instrumental.
Protozoan Sunrise
This one again makes me think of Pink Floyd quite a bit. It is more organic and less electronic than the previous one. It’s a pure instrumental piece.
Fast Moving Shadows
There are some female vocals (sampled?) on this piece. It’s more pure electronic and leans toward dance music territory.
Safe Return from the Howling Void
More percussive in nature, this piece has a lot of electronic elements, but also some world music and prog.
You Don't Understand
With a spoken vocal, this is sort of soulful and yet spacey and electronic at the same time. It’s a powerful piece of music that’s one of my favorites.
Jellyfish Hustle
A slower moving electronic groove, this is melodic and strong. It has some very pretty moments. I really love the melodic guitar soloing on this.
Let's Learn Japanese
Japanese speaking, like a class in Japanese is heard on this song. Beyond that, it’s another cool electronic groove.
Walking Home and Aiming for Light
More of a melodic progressive rock sound permeates this piece. It’s a floating, drifting kind of song that works really well.
The Pawnksatoney Fill
This is another melodic and mellow progressive styled instrumental.
Aspiring Mooncropper Seeks Work
Here we have another that’s in a similar type sound. Yet, it’s not in any way a duplicate or rehash of anything we’ve heard to this point.
Wade and Bonnie's Craft Room
This is more purely electronic in a lot of ways. It still has the mellow prog elements, though. It’s not one of my favorites. I just don’t like some of the sounds we get on it.
Things Worn Smooth
More of a smooth (suitably) piece, this is a nice one. It has energy, but feels almost like a ride down a gentle river.
These Broken Day Blues
Combine a down home slide blues sound with something more like pure electronic music and modern progressive rock. You are now definitely in the neighborhood of this unusual piece. As odd as it is, it’s also compelling.



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