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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Vermillion Road


Review by Gary Hill

This probably qualifies as heavy metal, but it’s more on the modern pop side of that equation. There is a lot of alternative rock, nu-metal and even grunge in the mix here. It’s probably got as much in common with Nickelback as it does with classic metal. Still, there is quite a bit to like here. That said, it does have a tendency toward being generic.

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Track by Track Review
Tread on Me

The riff that opens this is meaty, and very metal. The verses on the song, though, are more pop oriented hard rock. That riff shows up later in the piece, too. This is kind of a cross between nu-metal, epic metal and alternative rock. It’s a rather catchy cut with some meaty bits.

More of a power ballad, this is a classic example of modern pop metal. It’s a catchy cut with some crunchy guitar. It achieves a good balance between mellower and harder rocking music, too.
These Lies
In some ways this isn’t a huge difference. That said, this lands more toward epic metal. It’s also one of my favorite cuts here. There are some great crunch riffs, and the soaring melodic movements are stellar, too. I love this song, really.
Left Behind
Alternative rock, nu-metal and grunge seem to merge on this. It’s an effective cut, but just not really a standout at all. It’s a bit too generic.
A contrast between harder rocking, soaring sounds, and mellower balladic ones, this rides the fence between nu-metal and epic metal. It’s one of the better pieces here, really. It’s quite effective and powerful.
No Crying Allowed
A pretty straightforward rocker, this is very much an alternative rock meets nu-metal cut. It’s one of the stronger pieces here, if a bit unoriginal.
I love the riff that starts this and the heavier one that grows out of it. I see this as kind of a nu-metal take on the kind of music Godsmack does. It’s angry and powerful. It’s one of the highlights of the set.
All the Same
Although there are still alternative rock and pop metal edges here, this is a meatier cut than a lot of the rest. In fact, this is arguably the closest to “real steel.” It’s also another standout.
Make My Day
This is another of the meatier cuts here. It’s also another winner. It stomps out, but still manages to be rather catchy.
Reach for Me
With piano and strings serving as the musical arrangement, this is a powerful ballad. It’s definitely not metal, though. While it’s pretty and effective, I think it might have served the album better at an earlier point to bring some variety to the flow of the set.
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