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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Night Marcher

Modern Maze

Review by Gary Hill

Overall this lands in the territory of alternative rock. There is quite a bit of range here, though. It has a real soulful vibe to a lot of it. It’s very effective, too. I think this probably would be of interest to a pretty wide range of listeners, really. It’s catchy and meaty at the same time. In another example of contrasts, it’s modern and retro, too. Whatever you call it, though, this is a great album.

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Track by Track Review

There is a bluesy kind of vibe to this. It has psychedelia and more built into it. There is a bluesy kind of acoustic vibe that makes me think of Led Zeppelin a bit. This has such a great mood and style. There is a bit of space rock at the end. This is trippy, atmospheric and much like modern prog.

Broken Path
This is more of a soulful rocker. It’s modern, but really rooted in old times sounds. The organ sound brings a retro element. I love the backing vocals, too.
Still retro tinged, this hard rocker has some power pop built into it and more. It’s a catchy piece that’s perhaps more modern than some of the rest here.
There is a bit of a funk edge to this. I can make out some jazz and more here. Still, it’s energetic modern music with a soulful flair more than it is anything else.
The most modern sounding piece here, this is great alternative pop rock. It’s very effective. The melodies are catchy and the instrumental moods are classic.
Holy Ghost
Although there are no surprises here, this is an effective alternative rocker.
Harder rocking, this one seems to combine that bluesy Zeppelin like sound with elements more like the previous couple tunes. It’s one of the strongest pieces of the whole disc.
Chin Up
Here is another highlight. It’s mellower and more trippy. It’s also catchy and really inspiring. I love this song, no question about it.
People are Screaming Jesus
Another with the same alternative rock meets moody prog vibes as we’ve heard on some of the others, this is classy, too. I wouldn’t hold it quite as high as the last couple numbers, but it’s not far off of those.
A stripped back arrangement with a lot of roots music in it creates this piece. It’s moody and has an emphasized percussive element. It’s a bit of variety, but I’m not sure that a song this understated is the best choice for album closer.


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