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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Andy Gunn

Miracle of Healing

Review by Gary Hill

This isn’t the kind of thing that’s vastly original or Earth shattering. On the other hand, it’s very effective stuff. It lands in the bluesy mainstream rock territory occupied by people like Eric Clapton. In fact, there are other reference points sprinkled throughout, but the most consistent one is probably Clapton. If you like his music, you will most likely enjoy this album, too.

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Track by Track Review
Are We Thru?

There is a great blues sound to this. From the retro sounding organ to cool guitar soloing, this thing is classy stuff. The harmonica lends more authenticity to the proceedings.   

Black Heart
Still a blues rocker, this is more modern in texture in a lot of ways. It makes me think of things like Canned Heat and Eric Clapton.
Beyond the Open Door
Folk music, country and much more merge on this roots based tune. It’s a good song, but seems to go on a bit long for my tastes.
Brighter Days
This makes me think of the country side of Steve Miller to me in some ways. Yet there is still a Canned Heat kind of thing going here. It’s sort of part blues and part country music. The harmonica is a nice touch, but I’m not crazy about the “shoop shoop” backing vocals.
Freedom Reality
This slow moving tune is a classy number with some bluesy elements at play. It has some great melodies. The vocal arrangement is solid. The guitar fills really make this in a lot of ways.
Harmony of One
Another classy bluesy tune, this is more of a rocker. I’m reminded of Eric Clapton quite a bit.
Hold On
Here is a mellower cut. It has s dreamy, pscychedelic kind of vibe. It reminds me of Radiohead in some ways.
Planting the Seeds
More of a rocker, this is another that calls to mind things like Eric Clapton. It’s rather catchy in a lot of ways.
Miracle of Healing
A mellower tune, this one doesn’t work all that well at first, but pulls together before it’s done.
Trouble Women
Harmonica is a great addition on this tune, too. A bluesy rocker, this definitely makes me think of Clapton.
Road That Leads Back Home
A slow moving, balladic bluesy tune, again Clapton is a good reference point. Normally I would think that ending a set with a down tempo mellower number is a mistake. In this instance, it works.
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