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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Gary Lucas & Jann Klose


Review by Gary Hill

This disc features a sound that is a combination of folk music, rock, jazz, blues and more. It’s all acoustic guitar based, though. I like this set quite a bit. There are no weak songs. That said, some really outshine others.

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Track by Track Review
Fair Weather

I dig the intricate acoustic guitar work on this. The song is part folk, part old school soft rock and part jazz. It’s catchy and a nice starting point. I’m definitely reminded of the Doobie Brothers on this in a lot of ways. The vocal arrangement is the real magic here.

Secret Wings
Still acoustic based, this is much more of an energized rocker. It gets a parental advisory for the lyrics.
Let No One Come Between Us
This acoustic number is part blues and part jazz. It’s a classy tune. It’s another where the vocals really make it shine.
Walking and Talking
Here we are more in the vein of bluesy folk music. It’s another solid cut, but not really a standout.
Well of Loneliness
This acoustic rocker is in the style of classic rock music. It’s got a strong vocal arrangement and some cool hooks. There are jazzy elements at play here. The saxophone solo adds another dimension to it.
Take Your Medicine
A bluesy acoustic folk rocker, this is a standout tune in a lot of ways.
Nobody's Talking
More of a pure rocker, this is packed with energy. The sax returns on this killer tune. It’s very much a 70s rock styled number.
Jewel Julia
Parts of this seem to me like what early Billy Joel might sound like it played on acoustic guitar instead of piano. This is a folk rocker for sure. It’s also a very cool tune that works very well.
Mary Magdalene
This is a mellow folk piece. It’s not bad, but not a standout.
This is a cool acoustic rocker. This has a real soaring element. It’s one of the best tunes here, really.
Secret Wings (Radio Edit)
Here we get a version of the earlier track, with out the offending language that earned it the parental advisory.
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