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Tammy Wynette

Bedtime Story / My Man

Review by Gary Hill

This reissue has two full Tammy Wynette albums on one CD. Of the two discs, I think I like the second one better. The range of sounds is wider on that one. Still, if you like old school country, you are likely to enjoy this set. It’s a class act start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story

A very mellow, old school country ballad, this is pretty tasty. The arrangement is a bit precious, but the song works well despite that.

That's When I Feel It
This is another country ballad. It’s a stronger tune than the first one. It’s quite effective.
Take Me Home and Love Me
Although this is still essentially a ballad, it’s a bit more powered up, particularly on the chorus. This has a classic old-school country sound.
If This Is Our Last Time
Piano is a bit more prominent on this arrangement. It’s another ballad, but oddly enough it makes me think of something Elton John might do, at least musically. Sure, it would sound different than this, but comparisons are valid on the musical style and construction. This is one that has more of a power ballad structure in that the choruses get more volume and intensity.
Tonight My Baby's Coming Home
Now, this up-tempo tune is both a nice change and a lot of fun. It’s cool stuff.
Love's the Answer
Basically a slow blues gone country, this is classic.
I'm Gonna Keep on Loving Him
An energetic country tune, this is bouncy. It’s also rather fun, but doesn’t work as well as some of the rest here.
Just As Soon As I Get Over Loving You
Piano starts this. The tune is basically a powered up country ballad.
I Got Me a Man
Energetic country music, this is a strong one. It has some mellowed down bits, but has more energy than some of that others for sure.
Your Love's Been a Long Time Coming
Although this is essentially a ballad, it’s one with powered up choruses. Those choruses actually remind me of 1960s pop music quite a bit. This is one of the best songs on the whole set. It’s both some variety and a strong tune. .
Reach Out Your Hand
I know this song is a product of its times, but I think the string arrangement is very much over the top. Beyond that, this ballad is not too bad. It really suffers from those strings, though. I think this might be a “skip” tune.
My Man
My Man

Some rock music and jazz are both incorporated into this uptempo tune. It seems a great choice both to start off the second album of the set and to be the title track.

Things I Love to Do
Here we get another traditional country ballad. It’s not a real standout, but it’s solid.
Hold on (To the Love I Got)
The horns on this bring a Latin element. The song is more of a fast paced rock and roller. The pedal steel guitar (along with the vocals) still bring the country to it.
Loving You Could Never Be Better
More powered up on the choruses, the vocal delivery really sells this balladic track. It’s evocative and one of the best here.
'Til I Get It Right
This is a piano based ballad. That musical arrangement makes this closer to the pop music of the 60s or 70s than to country, but the voice brings it into familiar territory.
Walk Softly on the Bridges
More like folk rock merged with Tammy Wynette’s style of country, this is good stuff.
The Bridge of Love
This is a variant of “London Bridge is Falling Down.” It’s a country meets 1960s pop arrangement. It’s good stuff, too. It’s a bit playful and fun.
You Can't Hang on
Uptempo rockabilly merges with country here. This is classy and rather fun.
The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.
Although nothing particularly special, this country number is effective.
Gone with Another Man
Here is another that’s more or less uptempo and pretty standard country fare. It’s good stuff, though.
Good Lovin'
Folk rock merges with traditional country on this number. It’s a strong tune and a great choice to close the set, really.
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