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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Love and a 38


Review by Gary Hill

There is nothing Earth shattering in terms of creativity here. Instead, what we get is a smoking hot collection of straight ahead hard rock. It’s part 70s rock, part metal and part punk. I suppose things like Buck Cherry are the best reference point, but you might hear some Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, Skid Row and more here. However you slice it, though, this is high energy, classy rock and roll.

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Track by Track Review
Oh My God

A martial sort of beat opens this. The music comes in with a real southern rock vibe. This is killer raunch and roll as the vocals join. It’s very nearly metal. It’s scorching hot riff driven hard rock for sure.

Just Like Regret
While the choruses are scorching hot and almost metal, the verses are more of an old school rock and roll sound. This is very much in the same kind of no frills hard rock as the opener was. The later sections of the piece are far harder edged than the earlier stuff. In some ways, this makes me think of Guns N Roses a bit.
Went Away
A bit like Guns N Roses meets Skid Row and Led Zeppelin, this is another side to the sound of this band. It’s almost punky. It’s high energy and angry.
Abre Los Ojos
This one has more of a melodic ballad sound for a good chunk of it. Still, it’s more raw rock and roll in a lot of ways.
Big Leg Betty
Screaming hot fast paced rock and roll, this is a killer tune for sure.
Holy War
The riff driving this one has a particularly bluesy edge to it. Yet, the cut also has some of the most metallic stuff here. This thing is down-right anthemic.
I Won't Wait
There is definitely a good deal of punk on this screamer. It’s furious in terms of pacing, with the drums really driving it.
Not Comin Home
While there is no big change here, the fierce, drum and riff driven rocker works extremely well.
Born to Make Me Die
Again, this is no huge change. It is however another strong cut on a disc without any weak points.
Get It Right
A rather punky screamer, this one gets a parental advisory. It’s sort of more of the same, but when it’s this good, who cares?
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