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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


The Sun Is New Each Day

Review by Gary Hill

I suppose the easiest way to label this is as jazzy instrumental music. It’s not far removed from some of the melodic and constant stuff from the Rock In Opposition movement. It’s got a lot of modern chamber sound, too. Still, it rocks pretty well and manages to groove. There really is no weak material here. It’s just a solid ride that never feels redundant or tired.

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Track by Track Review
Suitcase War

There is a cool jazz meets prog and space rock vibe to this thing. The violin really adds a great element. The solo section is especially tasty. The piece has a nice slightly off-kilter feeling to it. It is extremely effective.

Connect Four
More of a straightahead rocker in some ways, there are still plenty of crazed jazz meets prog elements at play here.
'G' as in Gears
I dig the shifts and turns on this cut. There is a spoken section mid-track. There is almost a soaring kind of vibe here. Yet it’s also rather twisty in some ways. The little music box music bit is cool, too.
This fast paced piece has a lot of world music built into it. It also has some trippy space sounds. This gets pretty crazed at times. It’s one of my favorite cuts here, really.
Slippery Slope
Piano starts this. As other elements join and it moves slowly forward there is almost an old school Pink Floyd kind of vibe. There is a playful nature. It powers into a lot more driving and soaring piece for a time, but then drops back down the earlier elements to continue.
Jazz, world music and more collide here. This is energized, powerful and very interesting.
Die Grauen Herren
This is an amazing ride. It goes this way and that. It’s very jazz oriented, but with a real classical edge to it. I’d say that it’s one of my favorite pieces here, but that’s such a tough call to make.
Le Temps Qui Fait Ta Rose
Piano starts this and holds it for a time. Even as other instruments join this is a mellower journey. It’s quite pretty and very classical in nature. It’s evocative.
Insert Coin
Here is a fast paced, and tastefully off-kilter jam. This is classy stuff.



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