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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Owen Sartori

Nobody Gives a Damn

Review by Gary Hill

This is such a cool album. Not everything here blows me away, but nothing here is really lacking, either. There are some exceptional pieces of music presented, too. Overall this is a varied and intriguing musical ride. It covers ground from modern pop rock to proggy stuff, and includes a lot of territory in-between.

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Track by Track Review
At Best, This Will End in Complete Disaster

This instrumental is such a pretty, and rather lush, bit of electronic music. It’s compact, but does the job in the time allotted.

Bouncy and fun, this has a lot of Beatles in the mix. It’s a good tune, but not anything Earth shattering. .
Banking On It
This is very much a pop rock tune. It still has some hints of the Beatles in the mix. That said, I’d almost consider this a modern styled arrangement of the kind of music Steely Dan made famous in the 70s. In other words, it doesn’t sound like Steely Dan in this configuration, but if you strip everything from this song and layer the sounds like they would have, it’s the same kind of music.
Dublin Sky
I absolutely love this piece. It’s quite intricate and powerful. It’s very much progressive rock oriented in nature. It’s lushly arranged. It’s one of the mellower pieces here, but it’s also definitely a highlight. I think it might be my favorite song on the album.
Nobody Gives a Damn
It makes sense for this to be the title track. It’s definitely a real standout. It is definitely a contender for the best song presented here. The opening riff is hard edged and has an almost Led Zeppelin vibe to it. The cut is fast paced and shifts and turns nicely. In fact, I’d say that overall this reminds me quite a bit of Spock’s Beard.
All of this Rain
This cut gets a slight parental advisory on the lyrics. The song is another highlight. It has a great balance between mellower sections and harder rocking ones. There is a lot of Beatles influence here. Yet, it also makes me think of Spock’s Beard, like the last number did. It’s another proggy tune for sure.
Digging on You
A modern pop rocker, this is energetic and catchy. It’s not one of my favorites, but I really like the guitar solo a lot.
Make Me Your President
There is almost a dream pop kind of vibe to this song. Lyrically, it’s a romantic tune, with politics used more as symbolism than as some kind of statement. It’s a real pop type number. It’s also quite a strong tune.
Let It Go
This song is another with some progressive rock in the mix. That comes in with a full on prog jam mid-track. The tune beyond that is energized pop rock.
Come Back
Combining the pop rock that dominates the set with a singer songwriter style and more proggy elements, this is a classy tune. It’s basically a power-ballad. It makes for a great closing shot, too.
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