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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Open Worlds

Review by Gary Hill

This isn’t progressive rock in the classic sense of the word. It’s progressive music, though. It’s also cut from the same kind of sonic cloth as things like Vangelis, Kraftwerk and others. It’s a solid set of electronic keyboard compositions. This is purely instrumental. It has a decent range and works well throughout.

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Track by Track Review
Electric Dust Field
The electronic keyboard elements that open this and work forward are quite cool. This is part Kraftwerk and part Vangelis. It’s gets dramatic and just a bit tastefully chaotic. Later in the cut there are things that sound like tuned percussion. This is quite an intriguing ride.
Next Trip
This one is much more atmospheric. It’s appropriately a bit trippy. It’s also much mellower. It has a lush electronic arrangement, though.
Magical Area
This has a real symphonic angle to it. The textures are rich. This seems very much like a combination of Synergy, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. There is definitely a new age kind of vibe to parts of it.
Strange World
More bombastic and technological, there is a rocking edge to this one for sure. There are things here that call to mind space rock. Yet there are also classical edges and much more.
Robot Valley
This is trippy. It’s a bit mellower than some of the other stuff. Somehow it also feels a little playful.
Signal from Diamond Desert
One of the mellower cuts at the start, this is another cool one. It gets more energy and rocking sound as it continues.
Vital Obscurity
There is a lush kind of intricacy to the stabs of sound that come across here. In some ways this turns into some stranger territory than the others do. It’s also one of the more compelling pieces here. There is definitely space music built into this. That’s particularly true of the ending.
Last Secret Time
This has a bit more of a groove to it in some ways. It’s not really rock, but it does have some leanings toward jazz. Still, it’s also space oriented with definite classical elements. In a lot of ways this reminds me of the sort of thing Nox Arcana does.
Remote Impact
With more Nox Arcana like elements, this is another powerful piece of music. It’s actually one of my favorites here. There is no redesign of the concept, but just more classy electronic keyboard based music.
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