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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Hugh Prestwood

I Used to Be the Real Me

Review by Gary Hill

There was a time when folk music was a big part of the popular culture. Don't get me wrong, it still is to a large degree. This certainly isn't like the days when people like Gordon Lightfoot would be played on pop radio, though. If it were, this album would be getting a lot of airplay. This is very much that kind of music. There is a lot of folk, some country and a real singer/songwriter element at play. It's all really effective stuff.
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Track by Track Review
So Sweet Sixteen

This is a cool little folk meets soft rock kind of piece. I like it a lot.

A mellower tune, this one includes a duet with Judy Collins. This is very pretty.
Another Way to Feel Alive
Intricate and really mellow, this is so beautiful. It's pure folk music.
Reflected Back
I love the lyrics to this. I love the way they are delivered, too. This more in line with a soft rock arrangement. It's one of my favorite tunes here, really.
The Suit
This is not a huge change. It's just another soft rock, singer songwriter based folk tune that's very effective.
September Song
Here we have a very gentle, slow moving cut. The arrangement is quite involved and almost proggy, though. It's a classy tune.
Untie These Lines
Judy Collins returns here. This is another pretty song. Again, there are no big changes. When it's this good, though, why change it?
So Are We
I really like the lyrics to this one a lot. Musically it's not a big change, but there some spoken lyrics on this number.
I Used to Be the Real Me
The title track is a bit more of a rocker. It's a lot of fun, really.
Laura Nadine
Slow moving and mellow, there is a bit more of a country edge to this song than we get on the rest.
April Fool
Here we get another cool folk tune. This is a catchy number, really.
Caroline Season
This is a bit more intricate in terms of the musical arrangement. It's a solid tune that lands in the slower, more stripped back end of the spectrum.
The Song Remembers When
Here's another pretty tune. This is actually one of the most effective numbers here. It makes for a satisfying closer.
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