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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Electric Hellfire Club

Necessary Evils - The Best Of

Review by Gary Hill

I had heard of these guys, but I don't think I'd ever heard them before getting this CD. I had read that they were techno metal. Personally, I don't think that's right. Yes, some songs have a metal edge to them. Overall, though, this is all techno music. There are things that lean almost to space rock and prog. I like this set a lot. I should say, though, if you are offended by Satanic lyrics or anti-Christian things, you'll probably want to avoid this.
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Track by Track Review

Techno sounds bring this into being. The cut works from there into a killer jam that's part metal, part electronic and part space rock. This is classy stuff.

Black Bus

I really dig the electronic groove on this thing. It's part 1960s music (witness some of the sound bites at the start) and part prog. There is such a space rock element at play here, too.

Book of Lies
Here we get a tune that's full on space rock. In some ways this makes me think of Hawkwind. It's a cool cut.
One Dark Horse
This is fierce and very metallic. It's screaming hot techno metal. I like it a lot.
Another screaming hot metal tune, this is great stuff. There is still some techno element to this thing. It's fierce, though.
Mr. 44
This is more techno oriented at the start. This is about the Son of Sam killer. It's a dark, electronic based number. It's fast paced and evil sounding.
He Who Holds the Lightning Rod
The guitar on this definitely brings some metal to the table. The overall mix, though, is more along the lines of techno. It's a killer tune, really. In fact, it's one of my favorites here.
Satan's Little Helpers
Keyboards start this. The cut works out from there into something that's almost prog rock.
Psychedelic Sacrifice
Prog and space music along with electronics makes up the idea here.
Night of the Buck Knives (Altamont Mix)
Dark techno music and space rock merge on this cool tune. There is so much space music here that in a lot of ways it makes me think of Hawkwind.
Circuit Breaker
This is angry. It definitely has some metal in the mix, but overall is more along the lines of the electronic techno end of the spectrum. It gets quire loud and heavy. It earns a definite parental advisory on the lyrics, too.
In the Temple of Flesh
Definitely more of a metal tune, this is actually pretty screaming hot. It's dark and fierce. It has some cool world elements over the top at times. It even gets a bit proggy at times.
Unholy Roller
This is a metallic rocker. It has some nods to The Bay City Rollers (of all things). This is very much an anti-Christian song.
Hard edged, this combines techno music and a bit of a punky edge. This includes a bit of Arthur Brown's "Fire."
Trippy electronic sounds make up the backdrop here. It builds upward gradually. There is definitely an element here that feels like an invocation, and the vocals bring that into being, too.
Age of Fire
This is amazing stuff. It has such a cool texture to it. It's trippy, freaky techno music. It really rocks. The vocals have processed effect making them feel otherworldly. This is one of my favorite pieces here.


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