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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Leo Bud Welch

Live at the Iridium

Review by Gary Hill

In some ways blues music and punk rock have a lot in common. Both are limited musical styles by definition. Both seem to respect the feeling more than technical skill. Being off-key and out of tune is not necessarily a bad thing in either musical style. Leo Bud Welch definitely performs in that sort of "the mood and vibe" is more important than the technical skill world. This live performance is not for people who want all the instruments to be in tune. It's also not for those who want a lot of variety in the music. What we get here is a genuine old school down and dirty blues performance that is real. Not only do we get the CD of the show, but this includes a DVD that has both the concert and an interview. I have to admit that this isn't really my kind of thing, but I can appreciate what's going on here.

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Track by Track Review
Praise His Name

I dig the energy on this bluesy number. It's an old school gospel turned blues type song.

Still a Fool
This is very much old school, stripped back blues. It has a nice energy and groove to it.
Got My Mojo Working
I've always been a big fan of this particular old school blues tune. They seem to really pump up the energy and the volume on this rendition from the last couple tunes. There is an immediacy and genuine vibe here that helps to sell it.
Five Long Years
I dig this old school blues styled number quite a bit. To me it works better than the songs that preceded it.
No More Doggin'
This has a great blues groove to it. It's another of the stronger pieces on show.
Woke up This Morning
Another energetic old school blues tune, this is solid stuff. It's another of the better pieces here.
My Babe
While this is no surprise, it's another effective blues number with a good energy and drive.
Sweet Little Angel
A slower, stripped down old school blues tune, this one has some genuine textures to it.
Cadillac Baby
I dig the energy and groove on this blues number.
Po Boy
This is one of my favorites here. It has a great energy and groove. It's just a classy and classic blues stomper.
You Don't Have to Go
There are a number of old blues tunes built around this jam, including "Sweet Home Chicago." I like this one quite a bit. It rocks pretty well.
This is kind of fun. It's a stripped back old school blues tune.
Don't Let the Devil Ride

A mid-tempo blues tune, this has a definite rocking vibe to it.

Rollin' & Tumblin'

There's not a big change here. This is just another energized old school blues number.

Good Morning, Little School Girl
I can make out a bit more old school rock and roll in this number. It's perhaps part BB King and part Chuck Berry.
Walkin' the Floor over You
Here Welch tackles a country song, bringing some blues to it in the process.
Me and My Lord

The closer is an energized gospel themed tune.


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