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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Dahmers

In the Dead of Night

Review by Gary Hill

There is a type of punk rock that's based around horror music, with groups like The Cramps as practitioners. This set fits well within that territory, but it also stretches beyond it. There is quite a bit of variety here, but it's all fun.
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Track by Track Review

Sound effects give way to some weird horror movie type music, electronic and freaky.

Cut Me Down
I love the metallic grind on this thing. It makes me think of the theme song to The Munsters in some way. That said, it has a lot of killer punk rock built into it. It have to say that there are actually some prog rock elements here, too. There is a short bit of piano at the end of this.
It's Too Late
This comes in with some psychedelic rock in the mix. It's twisted, but feels a bit like The Beatles. They power it out into more of a crunch driven punk jam, but some of that same musical element is in the mix. I dig the punk meets surf vibe later in this number. It drops to more psychedelic rock based stuff for the rest of the tune.
Rat Boy
This is fierce fast paced punk rock. It's a stomper that is raw. The guitar solo leans more toward mainstream rock and there are some hints of power pop built into this thing.
The Night Has Just Begun
Speaking of fierce and raw, this is literally screaming hardcore punk. It's a powerhouse, but not for the timid.
I Wake Up Dead
A poppy kind of psychedelic sound permeates this number, yet it has a punky twist on that sound. This is bouncy and fun, but suitably strange at the same time.
To The Night
This seems to combine 1960s pop music with garage rock and punk. It's another cool rocker. It's energized and fun.
Beyond The Grave
Coming in with an almost metallic edge, this is based heavily around old school punk rock. It's another screaming hot stomper.
Cold Skin
Sound effects type stuff opens this. The cut gets something a bit like metal as a first burst of sound. Then it drops back to a slow moving, moody kind of trippy punky music from there. I love this song. It's just so cool with a great punk meets horror movie kind of sound.
Deep Red
Energized pop punk styled sound makes up the concept here. This is catchy and cool. It has a drop back section that adds a different dimension. There is also a bit of a metallic edge to some of this song.
Another with a definite psychedelic edge, this is nonetheless full on punk rock. It's also a cool tune.
Horror movie sounds start this. Then it powers into some power pop meets punk styled stuff for the song proper. It drops back to a stripped back section mid-track and then powers out into a jam that makes me think of The Dead Boys a bit. Still, it has some definite old-school rock and roll built into it. At over four and a half minutes in length this is the longest track on the album.
This weird little electronic bit gives way to sound-effects. It serves as a nice bookend along with the opening track.
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