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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jackie Lee

White Horses

Review by Gary Hill

The opening song here is a single from Jackie Lee from the 1960s. The rest of the music includes the original album along with some other tracks that she did for different projects. Let's make no mistake, this sounds dated. It's very much a product of the 1960s, and specifically the pop music of the era. That said, a lot of it is very good. Lee's voice really sells this thing.

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Track by Track Review
White Horses (Stereo)

This song starts with some horns and works out to a tasty little psychedelic meets folk styled number. It's dated, and lightweight. It's also compelling.

I Can Sing a Rainbow
Adult contemporary styled in a lot of ways, this isn't really my kind of music. That said, I like it - a lot. I can't tell you why, except that it's a cheery, fun little tune.
Things I Don't Mean
There is definitely a lot of jazz in the mix here. I love the piano on the cut. I'd have to say that there are some prog rock elements in the musical arrangement here. Again, this is fun and cheery.
Well, That's Loving You
More energized, this is set on a 1960s pop rock arrangement with some definite jazz elements. It's catchy.
We're Off and Running

Feeling a lot like 1960s bubble gum pop, this is a cheery cut. I really love the vocal performance on this piece.

I Think I Like You
The strings and other elements bring a definite 1960s adult contemporary vibe to this. The song is very potent, though, and there are some cool bits of jazz guitar in the mix.
Scarlet Ribbons
Very much a pop folk song, this is not really my thing, but the vocal performance is strong.
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
This old dittie gets a pretty theatrical arrangement. It's definitely not something that works for me. I'm betting little kids would really like it, though.
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
The guitar on this brings a lot of jazz to the table. The cut is sort of an old school standard beyond that. It's pretty, but not really my type of music.
Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians
A bouncy little cut, this is dated but fun.

I Cry Alone

I don't like all the shaking on the vocals here. The arrangement seems a little odd, too. That makes this one a tune I would skip, but your results may vary.

The Busker
Now, this is something really special. There is a bit of a theatrical element in terms of the sound effects in the backdrop. The music is evocative and the gentle vocal performance adds to the element.
Extra Favourites

Jackie Lee and the Raindrops - Will You Love Me Tomorrow

This song is not my kind of music, but I've always loved it. This performance is dated in terms of its doo-wop styled sound, but yet it works really well. It's one of favorites from this set, really.

Jackie Lee and the Raindrops - There Goes the Lucky One

Now the 50s doo-wop on this doesn't work for me. Additionally, the recording quality doesn't seem as good. Still, I'm sure a lot of people like this kind of music. The vocal performance is strong. It's just not something I can really find appealing.

Jackie Lee and the Raindrops - Here I Go Again

The music on this feels closer to early Beatles. It's energetic and fun. This is dated, but it works really well. Imagine if Jackie Lee was a member of the Beatles in 1964, and it would probably sound a lot like this fun tune.

Jackie Lee and the Raindrops - Down Our Street

A more rock and roll oriented sound is heard on this. It's fun, but the recording seems to suffer a little in terms of quality. Still, this works pretty well.

Jackie Lee and the Raindrops - The Locomotion

Now, this is a tune I've always liked. This version is pretty much in line with the Motown kind sound, but perhaps delivered via Liverpool. All in all this is fun.

Jackie Lee and the Raindrops - The End of the World
This is a traditional tune, and it's delivered in the sort of classic retro sound one would expect. It's a good song and works well here.
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