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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Zero Days

Review by Kat Heitzman

This three man band is still carrying the metal pitchfork as their sound has officially merged the old with the new. This album has the distinct sound of Prong with all the bells and whistles of newer sounding metal. This band began back in 1986 where metal was still in its infancy and Zero Days shows how they have progressed and honed their talent. No song is like any other Prong song, and did they seriously get faster?  You get little hints of their history but without it being the same exact thing, which I think is what metal heads are really looking for. They are producing some seriously sick music for the times.

You can tell Prong put a lot of thought and time into developing the lyrics on this record. Tommy Victor is a poet and wordsmith with the talent to put it all into music. Musically it is what you would expect from these veterans. If you are a Prong fan (and even if you don’t know who they are) it's time to add this new CD to your rotation.

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Track by Track Review
However It May End
When listening to this song it makes you visualize the pit it would generate. It has very heavy riffs and drums. You can hear the power vocals of Tommy Victor ringing throughout this cut. At some moments the drum sounds like thunder, it’s so fast!
Zero Days

This doomsday anthem has powerful lyrics combined with the very fast guitar and pounding drums.

Off the Grid

One of my favorites off this new record, "Off the Grid" is a powerful song about doing just that. It seems that it is harder and harder to keep your life private these days. Prong has never wavered from their true free spirit, and this song shows that.

Divide and Conquer

The vocals in this cut remind you of past albums, Victor’s voice has only gotten better over the years. This song seems to be about how we are being divided by values in this country and encourages seeking the truth.

Forced Into Tolerance
This very fast song speaks about how we are being forced into tolerance. The end of this song “Don’t tell me it is what it is” says a lot about the state of our world in that people are too accepting of things.

This very well put together song is poetry put to music. The lyrics are deep and they make you want to sing out with them.

Blood out of Stone
This anthem really proves how honed the skills of these guys are. It's a masterful song that is sure to be a hit. It reminds me of the Rude Awakening days.
Operation of the Moral Law

Fast and serious, this song captures the true sound of Prong.

The Whispers

A very catchy tune, this keeps you banging your head and singing along.

Self Righteous Indignation
I love the sarcasm that seems to be running through this whole record, and this song is included in that. The lyrics are real talk about the title of this song. Very heavy bass is present, as well as some cool riffs.
Rulers of the Collective

Interesting lyrics make this song. There don't seem to be any fancy riffs or remarkable drums.

Compulsive Future Projection

A great intro to this sets the tone for a fast paced song about living in the moment. This is very heavy throughout with catchy lyrics. It  makes a great addition to this record.

Wasting of the Dawn

I really love the lyrics in this song It seems like the lyrics are where they put their hard work in on this album. The whole set is very poetic and prophetic, almost as if the music was added as a second thought.

Seasons to be Fearful

This is a good last song for this record as they talk about searching for completion. With another completed album for Prong, I wonder what they will do next?

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