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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Dirty Hearts

General Bitterness and Inner-City Moonshine

Review by Gary Hill

There is something to be said about bands that play solid, no frills rock and roll. This is one such act. Their sound at times feels like groups like Aerosmith (old school) and Nazareth. At other points they land closer to the punk rock end of the spectrum. Guns 'N Roses is a valid reference point, too. Whatever you call this, though, it's an effective and entertaining disc. This is not the kind of thing that creates a new paradigm. It isn't meant to do that. It's supposed to entertain, and it does that with style.

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Track by Track Review
There is a great raw rock and roll vibe to this thing. It makes me think of a lot of the straight-ahead rock that came out right at the end of the whole punk rock movement. This is classic in texture and rather catchy. It has some great musical hooks. It also has a tasty guitar solo.
Killing Time

Speaking of punk rock, there is a lot of that built into this thing. It's perhaps a bit like The Ramones, but with more of a mainstream rock sound at its heart. This is classy stuff on a disc that has no shortage of that commodity.


I'd say that the best comparison here would be to Guns 'N Roses. It wouldn't be a big stretch to imagine this coming from that act in it's glory days.

Dead Eyed Girls

This screaming hot stomper has plenty of punk rock built into it. It's a bit AC/DC, a bit Ramones and a bit GNR. That said the instrumental section takes it out into some soaring classic rock territory. It's melodic and so cool.

More a balladic piece, this has a lot of old school rock built into it. In a lot of ways I'm reminded of Nazareth on this rocker. The scorching hot guitar solo section with literally screaming vocals over the top is absolutely on fire.
New Way of Walking

This cut is among the punkiest of the disc. It's raw and furious. It's also quite catchy. It has one of the most raucous guitar solos, too.

All About Us
Old time rock and roll merges with a bit of punky edge here. This is a fun cut. It's also a nice change of pace.
Louis XIV
Another that mixes old school rock and roll with punk sensibilities. This is a high energy stomper that's entertaining.
Be Right There

There are hints of psychedelia built into this. It's another cut that makes me think of Nazareth a bit. I can see comparisons to GNR on this, too. It's almost metal in some ways. It's a crazy cool piece.

Hold Your Hands

This is another classic example of smoking hot hard-edged rock and roll. I can see the Guns 'N Roses comparison here. This has a lot of 1970s rock in the mix, too.

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