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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Green Door

Wolf in the Fold

Review by Gary Hill

There is a shared territory between punk rock, psychedelia and stoner rock. These guys live within that space. This is a cool slab of fuzz-laden sound that defies classification in terms of genre or era. I mean, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine a lot of this being released in the 1960s. Yet, it feels at home in the modern era. All in all, this is a cool set with an intriguing mix of sounds.

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Track by Track Review
Wolf in the Fold
Combining 1960s psychedelia, punk rock and more, this is classy stuff. It's echoey and timeless. It's noisy and so cool.
Tall Grass is Tangled
Coming in heavy and metallic, this feels like stoner metal at the beginning. It marches out to more of a psychedelic punk arrangement. The echoey vocals bring more pure psychedelic rock. This is one of my favorite cuts here. It's just so classy. The guitar solo is quite meaty. This powerhouse is extensive, weighing it almost seven minutes of music.
You Won't Hear That Anymore
Noisy punk psychedelia makes up the opening sections of this. The cut works out to a trippy psychedelic jam that feels like it could have been lifted from an Iron Butterfly album as it continues. This is another extended, fuzz-dripping slab of solid tripping.
Back To Houston
Garage rock merges with a punk sensibility on this classy tune. This lands more thoroughly along the metal meets punk end of the spectrum. There is a bit of a cow-punk vibe in some ways. Yet there is still plenty of that psychedelic edge.
This song is amazing. Not only does it have plenty of that psychedelic meets punk and metal edge, it even works out into some pure fuzz-driven prog mid-track. This is one of the highlights of the set. It's compelling and really rocks.
The set ends with a short bit of psychedelic weirdness. This is mostly just voices with some trippy sounds and a bit of percussion as the backdrop.
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