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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Weathered Man

C-30 Duets Vol. 1

Review by Gary Hill

This EP is quite cool. It has a great blend of classic soul and jazz sounds with modern music. Each song has its own flavor. Yet, there is a timeless sort of pop music vibe at play, too. Overall this is quite an effective set.

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Track by Track Review
Hand in My Pocket (+ Aaron Paul)

The music on this is packed with blues and jazz elements. Some of the vocals here land in modern pop music territory. Others are much meatier. There is a definite quirky, artistic quality to this in some ways.

Too Much to Say I Love You (+ Danii Roundtree)

A song that is about an illicit love affair, this has an old-school soul sound to it for a lot of the duration. The guitar solo and some other things bring a bit of a modern hard rock element, though.

Salty Dish (+ LeeSun)

This has a sound that feels tied to the swing revival school of music. It's another killer cut. This is both classic and modern in tone.

Party (+ Kim Jennett)

There is still some soul and jazz built into this. Overall, though, it's much more of a creative modern rock sound that drives it. This is a powerhouse and another killer cut.

Rock Karaoke (+ Trisha McTeague)

The arrangement on this is perhaps the most modern of the set. The cut is a catchy one. It has a great energy and vibe. It's one of the standouts. Given the competition, that says a lot.

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