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Perfect Defect

Perfect Defect

Review by Gary Hill

The argument could be made to call this heavy metal. Honestly, I think it's a bit more on the mainstream hard rock end of the spectrum, but I wouldn't argue with that classification. Whatever you call this, it's no-frills, crunch laden rock that has some catchy hooks. There is also some smoking hot guitar work built into it. I can hear things like Motley Crue, Molly Hatchet, Gary Moore, Danzig, the Cult and more at different points along this ride.

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Track by Track Review
Rollin' With G
Jumping right in, this is based on a smoking hot riff. It's part psychedelic rock and all heavy metal oomph. This is real steel type stuff, but it has a bit of a raunch and roll, stoner rock kind of thing underway. This is such a great opening salvo.
Treat your Man
I can make out a bit of Southern rock on this stomper. It has some Motley Crue built into it, too. This is a hard rocking number that works really well. Perhaps this isn't metal at all, feeling more like Molly Crue or Motley Hatchet. This one does earn a parental advisory on the lyrics.
My People
There is more of an anthemic metal crunch on the intro of this stomper. It drops to a melodic, balladic mode that makes me think of The Cult or Danzig a bit. It eventually works its way back to the screaming hot stuff and just plain delivers. This is one of the highlights of the set.
Love Song
Raucous rock and roll merges with a metal crunch. This makes me think of Jackyl a bit. It's a fun crunch rocker.
Used To Believe
Another hard rocker, this has plenty of metallic crunch mixed with a classic rocking sound. This is another with a heaping helping of Southern rock in the mix. I love the melodic guitar solo.
Got Needs
Molly Hatchet merged with Danzig would be a good reference point on this screaming hot stomper. This is so cool. The guitar solo is particularly meaty. The vocals on this are especially effective. This does earn a bit of a parental advisory.
Ultra Blue
This is a full on blues rocker. It makes me think of Gary Moore quite a bit. It's a nice change and a solid tune.
Tease Me
More of a metallic number, this has some cool shifts and turns. Yet it never loses sight of the straight-ahead hard rock.
Bad Girls
Now, this stomper is pretty much a metal tune. It makes me think of Kiss just a bit, too. It's scorching hot and very cool. There is an interesting bridge, but it just augments things rather than taking away from the power of the piece.
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