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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

With Bravado

Silent Film

Review by Gary Hill

I won't argue with those who will say that this doesn't fit under progressive rock. There is definitely a lot of alternative rock here along with metal and more. There is enough prog (particularly of the modern Radiohead variety) to include this in that genre, though. Whatever you call this, though, the music is edgy and modern. While most of the vocals are male (Julian Stanz), they make good use of female vocals (Kayla Stanz), too. This is a fairly short, but quite interesting set.

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Track by Track Review
We're All Alone Together
A powerful jam brings this into being with a hard rocking element. The sound shifts to more of a melodic concept for the verses, but gets more into the hard-edged side for the chorus. The instrumental section brings a hard rocking prog element to the table.  This is definitely classy stuff and a great way to start the set.
I Saw You
There is plenty of punk edge to this stomper. It's part prog, part metal and all cool. I really like the female vocal performance on here with it's almost epic metal vibe. The cut definitely has a solid element of that musical style here, but also drops to more of a pure prog (albeit of the modern hard rocking variety) later in the cut.
All of Our Friends
A much mellower piece, this has a lot of modern prog along with some 80s elements in the mix. It builds out to some rather soaring sounds. This number makes good use of both male and female vocals. Symphonic elements are a nice touch, too.
I love the hard rocking sound on this thing. It actually has quite a bit of space rock in the mix. Yet, it's tempered with something closer to nu-metal. The more melodic movement later in the piece definitely brings it into more modern progressive rock territory before they scream out with a metallic fury and power. All in all, this is another winning track on a disc that's full of them.
This is more of a melodic alternative rocker. It's perhaps the least proggy thing here. It's the most mainstream and accessible number, too. It's a cool cut.
In Love with Something Real
Fast paced and hard rocking, this is more mainstream alternative rock early, but gets into some space rock territory mid-track. The half-time section further down the road is so dramatic and so powerful proggy. Around the four and a half minute mark this shifts into a stripped back, rough around the edges section that makes me think of Radiohead. It comes back into more of the rocking Radiohead prog type stuff.
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