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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Pamela Fleming

Pam Fleming & Fearless Dreamer - Buds

Review by Gary Hill

I've like Pam Fleming and Fearless Dreamer for years. The group consistently produces great music. I suppose that technically this should land under "non-prog" as jazz, but honestly, there is enough rock here to push the envelope. Besides, we generally land fusion under prog, and this qualifies. This is an instrumental set with great music and killer musicianship. It's a lot of fun, too.

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Track by Track Review
I've Had Enough
With some definite blues in the mix, the jazzy groove on this thing is so tasty.
There is definitely more rock in the mix on this. In fact, the merging of rock and jazz is quite effective and even. I dig the mellower drop down section on this quite a bit. The piano really shines on this.
This is a short bass solo that's pretty awesome.
Power Spot
There is definitely a bit of a King Crimson/California Guitar Trio guitar circulation sound on the backdrop section of this. Beyond that we get some killer jazz sounds over the top. This is another entertaining groove. It's one of the most decidedly prog rock styled pieces here.
Taken Away
I love the rising, soaring kind of space music vibe that makes up this thing. It's such a pretty and expansive cut. The jazz is still all over this, but in so many ways this is pure progressive rock.
Coolman Funk
As the title suggests there is some serious funk in the mix here. This one lands more in the pure fusion spectrum.
I love the more old school jazz vibe on this number. It's a classy cut on a disc that really oozes class.
Another cool jazz piece, this isn't a standout, but that's more about the rest of the material here than about this one.
Mama Don't Leave Us Now
Now, this rocker does stand out. It's a cool cut. I love all the instrumental work on this thing. That said, the guitar and piano particularly stand out for me.
Keep It Movin'
I love the funky bass work on this. The whole cut just grooves like crazy. It's a killer tune that just works so well. It's a great choice to end the album. The guitar and trumpet solos really shine on this thing.
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