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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Deep C Divers

Making Waves

Review by Gary Hill

If you dig old school sounding, high energy pop rock, you will find plenty to like here. The range of the music is fairly wide. You will find things from nearly progressive rock, to Allman Brothers, funk and a lot more. One song even sounds a lot like Cream. In the final analysis, if you like pop rock that is firmly rooted in classic sounds, but also brings a fresh vibe to it, this is for you.

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Track by Track Review
This Flight
There is a cool retro texture to this cut. Yet the vocal delivery is more of a modern rocking sound. The keyboards and guitar sound are both more closely tied to 1960s rock. The cut is catchy, energized and fun. I really dig the guitar solo on this tune. There is some proggy stuff later in the track, along with some hints of reggae.
Feel the Light
This comes in with some killer funky guitar, and builds out even funkier as it continues. It's a cool number that feels like it would have fit very well in the 1970s. This things seriously soars further down the road. I love the smoking hot guitar solo on the tune. There are some prog rock elements on this one, too.
Say to Me
As you might guess, this is packed full of old school 1970s rock sound. It's a bit more stripped back than some of the rest for the verses. It is also perhaps a bit more modern in tone. Yet the hooks have a real 1960s vibe to them.
Smile for Better Days
An intricate, slightly mellower movement starts this. The cut rises up into something that feels a bit like The Allman Brothers as it grows outward. There is a lot of jam band sound in the mix on this melodic rocker. The guitar solo on this reinforces the Allman Brothers comparison. This has a nice warm weather, good times sound to it.
Close to My Heart
Powering in with a killer rock grind, this is a classy tune. While this is based on older rock sounds in some ways, it's overall a more modern sounding piece. It's also one of the most mainstream things here.
There is such a cool mellow reggae groove to this piece. I love the echoey guitar work on the tune, too. I think this might be my favorite song on the disc. It's just a lot of fun. It really does feel like sunshine packed into song form.
Who’s Gonna
Another highlight of the set, this feels a lot like Cream - from the vocals to the killer hard rocking music. This is a real powerhouse in so many ways. I love the guitar fills and the soloing on the number.
Be My Friend
This piece has a lot of funk and fusion in the mix. It's still a mainstream rocking number, though. It's energized and a lot of fun.
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