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Non-Prog CD Reviews


The Space Between

Review by Gary Hill

There is a type of modern pop music that is electronic based. This fits well within that genre. There are definitely links to music ranging from Depeche Mode to ABC, Savage Garden and more here. Personally, I tend to think that there are a couple exceptional cuts here, with a lot that just sort of lands in the competent category. A lot of these songs work better as individual tracks than part of an album because there just isn't enough variety.

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Track by Track Review
The groove that starts this almost feels like an electronic take on funk. As it works to the song proper, it becomes more of a modern alternative dance kind of tune. This is accessible and entertaining, but does feel a bit over-processed and sterile. There are hints of things like Depeche Mode here.

Starting with a mellower piano based arrangement, this works out to a more energetic jam later. This feels similar in terms of the mix of EDM and Depeche Mode, but it has a bit more feeling and soul in the mix.

My Body Will
A dramatic, but understated, build-up serves as the introduction here. A mellow, slow moving section serves as the backdrop for the first vocals. This cut has some tendencies toward modern progressive rock, but delivered in an electronic pop music arrangement. This is an evocative piece that feels more reflective than its two predecessors do.
Pull Me Under
This is not a big change from the rest, but it does have some good energy and groove to it. It gets pretty intense in some of the powered up later movements, and the vocals get pretty powerful.
The Void
Measured, electronic and intriguing, this isn't a big departure from anything else here. This almost feels like a EDM version of ABC to me somehow. I suppose that's not a far stretch. This gets a parental advisory and includes a mellower dropped back movement.
Can't Sleep (Interlude)
The vocals on this are quite processed, but for effect. The piece is a very mellow one, feeling quite moody. It also has some really pretty moments. This is actually one of my favorite songs here, to a large degree because it provides a lot of variety.
Who Would Run
Another with a parental advisory, this rocks out a bit more than some of the rest. It's another standout tune. This is catchy and energetic and has some meat on its bones.
When I Drink
I dig the rhythmic groove on this cut. The track has some interesting keyboard elements, too. I'm reminded of Savage Garden a bit on this one.
Pretty and rather intricate, this cut is solid, but a bit more in keeping with the first part of the album. I like the mellow dropped back bit quite a bit.
Here at the Edge (Outro)
A short electronic instrumental, this is a nice touch.


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