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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Jasmine Karimova

From the Womb

Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing set. It's clearly not progressive rock in any kind of traditional sense. It is certainly art rock, though. For that reason I've landed it in the prog category. This has a fairly wide range of sound and always manages to captivate and challenge the listener in great ways. I really like this one a lot. In fact, it might wind up in my "best of 2018" list.

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Track by Track Review
Based on a classy blues rocking kind of vibe, this is dark and powerful. The vocal performance brings some real artsy textures to the piece. This is just so cool.
Not as rocking, this incorporates some folk music along with more art rock based stuff. It's no less effective. It's just a different side of greatness.
I really dig the rhythm section on this cut. It has a bouncy kind of art rock meets jazzy texture vibe to it. I'm reminded a bit of things like Bjork.
Little Love

Piano and the rhythm section are the main elements of the musical arrangement here. The vocals brings a definite art rock vibe to this thing.

This sedate balladic cut is based on just piano and voice for a big chunk of the piece. As other instruments join, it begins to feel more like a jazz trio type of arrangement.
Leaving Amsterdam
Bjork meets Fiona Apple on this number. It's definitely art rock, but it feels like a jazzy prog in a lot of ways, too. There is a great trippy kind of jazz groove to this, really.
Swallow or Spit
A harder rocking tune, this is even a bit on the punky side. It's a nice change of pace, and a particularly effective piece. There is more of the blues rock kind of thing we heard on the opener here, too. Yet, it also drifts off into spacey, psychedelic space territory further don the road.
6 Feet Under
There is definitely a trippy psychedelic vibe to this cut. It's another classy piece of music.
Little Sister
Folky, mellow artsy music is the order of business here. It's acoustic guitar and vocals in terms of the arrangement.
Glazami i Dushoi
I would call this a world folk styled song with real art and progressive elements at play.  The title, and lyrics, are in Russian. The title translates to "Eyes and Soul."


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