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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Joshua Ketchmark

The Misses

Review by Gary Hill

If you understand what this is, it's a very solid release. Don't come in here expecting anything that will change your understanding of music or break any boundaries. You will be disappointed. What this set does is put a fresh face on well worn musical traditions and sounds. It does this in a way that's always entertaining. While there are some definite highlights here, nothing is particularly weak. The standouts are really worth the price of admission on this ride. This is just no nonsense rock music with a lot of punk in the midst. Yet from a lyrical point of view it's almost folk music, telling real life stories.

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Track by Track Review
Cold Feet
Punk and raw rock and roll merge on this number. It's a driving, fun kind of romp that works well. The hooks are solid, and the guitar solo rocks.
Make No Apologies
This one is a bit meaner. It still combines hard mainstream rock and punk in style. While the opener was catchier, this one has more meat on its bones.
Come True
Perhaps this is based even more on the mainstream rock part of the equation. It makes a nice balance between the rocking and stripped back, dropped down section. This has some solid riffs and catchy hooks.
Dancehall Blues
Closer to the melodic rock end of the spectrum, this song is a nice bit of variety. Personally, I don't think it's as strong as the material that came before it, though.
Now, this one is a melodic rocker, too, but it's a very effective one. This is one of the highlights of the set, really. The hooks are great, and the whole tune just works particularly well.
Can't Be Your Friend

There is some old school garage rock in the mix here. I love the backing vocal bit. This cut has some punk in the mix, too, but it's more about a scorching psychedelic rock vibe. This is another highlight.

Her Voice in My Head
Somewhere between the hard rock and melodic side of the equation, this song works pretty well. It's just a bit of a let down after the last number. It does have a classic rock vibe to it, though.
Rock & Roll

Starting mellow, this is more of a slow moving melodic rocker. It's good, but not in the highlight vein. The lyrics have a cool slice of life quality to them.


Harder rocking and just a bit punky, this is also hook laden and fun. It's a strong tune.

Those Were the Days

A mellower cut, this has some bluesy guitar. The lyrics are another great slice of life excursion. While I generally don't think closing on a mellower number is a good plan, this works well in that slot. I think a lot of that success is just the fact that this song is so good.

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