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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Whiskey Wolves of the West

Country Roots

Review by Gary Hill

"Country Roots" really might be the best title for this set. While not all of this is country music, it all has "country roots." Everything here feels like it would fit into an older era. The possible exception is the closer which is the most modern sounding thing here. There is a good balance of sounds, tempos and moods here, making this an effective release.

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Track by Track Review
Sound of the South
The organ lends quite a retro element to this piece. The lyrics brings more of a country element to this, but the music feels like something that would have been at home on a rock radio station in 1971. Some of the vocals have a bit of a country edge, but overall this is classy rock music with a classic musical texture. There is a definite soulful edge to it.
Lay That Needle Down
Now, this has more country music built into it. Yet there is still a real 1970s rock texture at the core of a lot of this. There are some great hooks here. There are also some particularly effective guitar fills on this number.
A mellower cut, this has some nice harmonies. It's more based on folk and country music. This perhaps feels like it would have been at home in the 1960s.
Rainy Day Lovers
The vocals on this make me think of Elvis to some degree, perhaps mixed with Roy Orbison, It's a bouncy number that's basically a country rocker. The overall sound is again retro in nature.
Country Roots
The title track kicks into gear a very down-home styled old school country sound. It's a funny number. This is also quite fun. An acapella section makes me think of The Oakridge Boys.
The Song Ain't Gonna Write Itself
Old school rock and roll and country merge on this fast paced and entertaining piece. This is one of my favorites here. It's just a fun ride.
#1 (The Ballad of Dallas Davidson)
Parts of this song feel like "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett to me. This is basically a country pop take on a power-ballad with a bit mellower and more powered up sections serving as contrast to one another. It is a solid tune.
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