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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Natalie Lucassian


Review by Gary Hill

I suppose the easiest comparisons here would be to Amy Winehouse and Adele. Clearly those comparisons are appropriate, but they only go so far. This is just four songs, and all of them are quality. This has a modern alternative rock basis, but there are definite retro leanings in place, too. Whatever you call this, it's strong.

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Track by Track Review
Coming in fairly mellow and growing outward, there is a dreamy kind of soulful vibe to this killer cut. It gets a bit of a parental advisory. It's a cool rocker with definite hints of things like shoegaze, but also a lot of a meaty alternative rock at its core. I dig the hot guitar fills later in the piece. It drops to the mellower tones that opened it to end.
More mainstream in texture, this rocks out pretty heavily. It's a cool alternative rocker with some bits of modern electronic sound. This is an energized and potent piece of music.
Even more mainstream, I dig the bass sound on this cut. It's a cool rocker with a bit of a gritty edge to it. If anything, it rocks harder than the two songs that preceded it did.
A slow moving, but powerful rocker, this is another strong tune. It's quite bluesy. It has both retro and modern textures at its heart.
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