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Singing You This Song

Review by Gary Hill

This album from Korean born, UK based artist LeeSun, shows off a good variety. I suppose overall it all sits somewhere in the range of folk based pop music with some electronic edges, but from song to song there is a lot of variance. LeeSun's voice is gentle and effective. Her songwriting works equally well. This is  a potent release.

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Track by Track Review
Acoustic guitar leads the song (and album) off with a real folk music vibe. The vocals come in over the top of that arrangement bringing a gentle pop element to it. This balladic cut is pretty and effective.
My Life
A blast of a dense vocal arrangement brings this in with a stark contrast to the previous cut. Bass comes in and as the cut works to sort of a stripped back, jazzy, playful kind of arrangement. This number is fun, but also quite strange. It's definitely an oddity.
Mother Dear
This starts with children's voice is a rich arrangement. It drops to acoustic guitar from there to a mellow, stripped down arrangement. The song is another that's very much a folk piece. It has a chorus of children's voices added to the mix on quite a bit of it.
Dry Your Tears
Jazzy and bluesy, this has a lot of Americana in the mix. It's a classy slow moving tune with some killer guitar fills.
Want To Be
A crack of thunder is part of the storm sounds that begin this piece. The cut has a mellow almost soulful vibe to it. There is a duet on this number with a male voice joining LeeSun's. This is very artistic and quite intriguing.
The Week You Loved Me
Electronic in many ways, this is a bit strange. It's also dramatic and powerful with a very artistic edge to it. It has some cool retro stylings and a nice balance between both the more powered up and mellower and the more organic and artificial.
The Way
This cut is a nice combination of the folk stylings with the more powered up and modern sounds. It begins with that folky concept, and that holds it for a while. It eventually gets more layers of sound added to the mix and works its way upward.
It Is What It Is
Pretty folk based sounds, the strings add a lot of magic to this piece. It's a strong number on a disc full of strong music.
Singing You This Song
Folk music seems to merge with jazz on this entertaining track. It's an intriguing piece that's among the best here.
Oh My Love
There is a dreamy, trippy element here, pulling this away from a pure pop kind of sound. This is melancholy and pretty deep.
Everything Dies
A moody piece, there is more of that trippy texture here. It's slow moving, somber and very captivating.
I'm Coming Home
Back to more pure folk music, this is a solid cut, but not a huge change.
We're All Made of Stars (guitar version)
Delicate and intricate, this is quite a pretty song.
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