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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Benny Bassett

Words For Yesterday

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an entertaining set. There is a lot of country music in the mix. In fact, I think I'd consider it to be more of a country album than anything else. Mind you, that is country with a pop rock twist to it. This is not all that unique or original, but as good as it is, that doesn't really matter. Benny Bassett might not break down any barriers in terms of creating something different, but he is a master and doing the familiar so masterfully that it doesn't matter. In the end, isn't enjoyable music what it's ultimately about, though?

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Track by Track Review
Window To Forever
Coming in with a cool melodic vibe, this cut is part soft rocker and part country music based. It gets intensified into a more rocking groove further down the musical road. This is mainstream and quite satisfying.
Live Where You Love The Sky

More of an energized, driving energy is at the heart of this. This still has plenty of country music in the mix, but is more powered up and intense than the opener was. Yet, it's no less mainstream or accessible. This is another classy cut.

Down Below

Now, this number really makes the transition into rock. It's hard-edged and meaty. It still has some country elements in the vocal department, but overall this is sort of a modern hard rocker with some definite retro underpinnings. It's a highlight of the set and a very strong tune.

Find A Way

This melodic rocker has more of the country angle to it. It's another classy cut that works well. This has some intriguing guitar work, catchy hooks and both country and rock angles to it.

Building A Future

The female backing vocals lend something special to this. The vocal arrangement, and general songwriting make this feel like a country rock song. The musical instrumentation, though, often brings more of an electronic, modern edge to it. It's an unusual combination of styles that somehow works well. In fact, it's so seamless that unless you really listen carefully, you'll miss that juxtaposition and just find yourself grooving to the music.

From You

I dig the keyboard textures on this number. The track is sort of a power ballad type song, but with a country meets pop angle to it. This is evocative, effective and pretty.

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