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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Bryan Away

Give In

Review by Gary Hill

This EP contains music that is progressive rock, with the possible exception of one tune. Even that one has a proggy edge to it. All that said, this isn't the progressive rock sound of the 1970s. It's more modern and creative. Some of it probably fits more under "art rock." Each song here is quite different than the others. Most of it is rather stripped down, but the arrangements sometimes get rather lush.

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Track by Track Review
Give In
A droning melody brings this in tentatively. The cut gets a bit more involved as the vocals join. It has a real artistic motif to it. It remains minimalist and stripped back. There is a definite jazz air to this, but I'd consider this to be art rock more than anything else.
Birthday Song
The guitar based arrangement that brings this into being is more mainstream rock in some ways. It's still decidedly left of center. There is a modern King Crimson or California Guitar Trio element to the cut. The guitar work is pretty amazing in a lot of ways. This is definitely a prog rock piece.
While there are still some proggy, artsy elements at play, this is more of a folk-based, mellow alternative rocker. It has a real balladic quality to it.
Pour One Out
There is a trippy, dreamy prog styling to this number. It has a lot of jazz in the mix. It's more of a full arrangement, and quite a lush one at that.
An Ode to the Dog Days
The guitar has a bit of a distorted air to it as this opens. That's a big change, and this is more of a rocking kind of piece. There are definite shoegaze vibes to it in some ways. It's classy stuff for certain. This has quite a bit of dynamic range built into it.
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