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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Arthur Adams

Here To Make You Feel Good

Review by Gary Hill

I know Arthur Adams is considered to be a blues artist. In terms of traditional blues, much of this doesn't fit that heading, though. So, I guess it all depends on how wide your thinking on what is and isn't the blues goes. The thing is, whether you consider this to be real blues or not, it's a particularly entertaining set. The range of sound may be wide, but the quality is consistent throughout.

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Track by Track Review
Tear the House Down
Blues and funk merge on this thing. The arrangement brings a bit of jazz, too. This an infectious cut that is so much fun. That makes it a great opener.
Full of Fire
More of a contemporary blues sound is on display here. This is an energetic and catchy tune. It works well, but I prefer the opener to this.
Sweet Spot
Guitar based jazz mixes with the blues and pop rock concepts here. This is another solid number.
Pretty Lady

The modern guitar blues sound on this is so cool. It's along the lines of the kind of thing Robert Cray often does. This is a strong tune that's among the highlights of the set. I really love the expressive guitar soloing.

Forgive Me
A mellower piece, this has more of an adult contemporary vibe to it. R&B and jazz are big parts of the arrangement to this. It's a tasty groove and has a classic and timeless sound to it. This feels like something that would have been at home on the radio in the 1970s.
Gonna Make Some Money
The blues sound on this is so classic and classy. The horns bring a lot to the arrangement. It's a powerhouse tune. This tune is so infectious. It's one of the pure highlights of the disc.
Enjoy Each Moment
A vintage slice of soulful groove, this is tasty. It has some killer guitar soloing, and the whole arrangement works really well.
By Myself
Now, this old school blues number is so cool. It makes me think of both B.B. King and Buddy Guy in good measure. It's packed full of angst and killer guitar fills. The horns lend some magic to the arrangement, too. This is quite possibly my favorite tune of the whole set.
Here to Make You Feel Good
There is a bit more of an energized soulful groove in the mix. The blues doesn't suffer for it, though. This has some killer R&B and smoking hot jamming underway. I'm reminded of Buddy Guy a bit again.
Little Dab'll Do Ya
The guitar riffing on this is so classic. The whole tune is set on a killer old-school blues riff, really. This is a powerhouse closing instrumental that really focuses on the guitar.
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