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Non-Prog CD Reviews

May Devun

Say the Words (digital single)

Review by Gary Hill

This new single is classy stuff. I'm not a big fan of this kind of pop music, but I find plenty to like about this. That really says a lot. It largely avoids the over-production of the vocals that seems such a big part of modern pop. I think that's a tribute to the strength of the singer as much as it is the restraint of the producer. It's the listener who benefits, though.

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Track by Track Review
Say the Words
Piano begins this in very pretty fashion. There is a sadness to it. Non-lyrical vocals glide over the top along with some sound-effects type things. A percussive element and more join, and the cut works out to a full modern pop styled arrangement for the lyrical vocals. This is a powerful piece that is a lot more organic than a lot of modern pop music. There is a real evocative nature. There are also some hints of jazz in the mix. Still, it has a definite electronic element to it. The vocal performance is powerful with all kinds of layers of vocals really filling the whole thing out. It's just a powerhouse tune. There is a crescendo to a false ending after the two minute mark. The piano takes over again from there, bringing us back into what is essentially a restart of the cut. This time, though, the introduction vibe gets a longer telling. The title vocal comes over the top after a bit, and the cut eventually works to a fade-down to end in style.
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